Establish A Pillar of Light In The Center Of Your Mind

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A single driving force inspires every action in our life. Establishing a grand idea that regulates and gives perspective to every other thought and belief can change the direction of our souls. This inspired idea-force, soaring high above mundane thoughts like mountains towering above the plains, serves as a pillar of light that illuminates every corner of our mental sphere and slices through mental weakness, distraction, and fears, inevitably guiding us towards a higher plane.

Decide And Firmly Establish What Your Pillar Is

Out of all the billions of thoughts available to us, only a few are consistent and deep enough to have a powerful influence on the direction of our life. In general, we unconsciously or passively choose the pillars of our minds. Often inherited and largely unquestioned, they act as sentinels that guard an inner worldview and often perpetuate a stale vision from the past.

The more vague and ambiguous our Pillar is, the more fickle our self-worth will feel, and our future self will remain unclear and wavering. However, a profound and inspiring pillar will rise above the sea of mundane thoughts or unformed beliefs and shine with a luminous authority on the horizon of our minds. This Pillar connects us internally to a deep sense of comfort and security and grants us the external agency to co-create a bold and fearless vision of our future.

While we have an utter free will regarding our choice of a central Pillar, I choose a pillar, to the degree that I have seen so far, rooted in the depth of reality. A Pillar able to withstand the barrage of doubt and cynical thinking; a timeless and inspiring thought that gives unwavering conviction and an indelible strength to carry me through all of the challenges of life.

I derived my Pillar from the proclamation of Saints and Sages throughout history. Those individuals across traditions who dedicated their lives to discovering the true nature of our inner reality and diligently discerned the hidden meaning of human life. While words and expressions change across traditions and cultures, there is a silver thread running through them, carrying the essence of inner discoveries and asserting a universality born from direct experience.

So, without further ado, my own Pillar of Light is this:

“At the core of your being, you are undivided and pure consciousness. Your deepest nature is undying and filled with bliss, purity and unshakeable power.
Your true nature is beyond the world and body and thinking mind and is infinitely benevolent, compassionate and wise.”

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BOOM! Like magic, my hesitations melt like fog burning away in the light of the early morning Sun. Nothing remains of doubt or fear when touched by the purifying force of these words. My sense of smallness is annihilated, and the nagging voice of my shadow self that insists on negativity fades away as a knowing grin of unending and victorious grit makes its way to my face.

While the words themselves can take on countless iterations, the essence is what is most important. Finding your own words that resonate deeply with a truth you feel most powerfully, at the root of your being, is paramount. You’ll know when the floor of your limited self drops away, and through these words, you feel intimately connected to a sense of purity, power, and stable conviction. Something that genuinely speaks to your heart while allowing your rational mind to engage and work towards your own understanding. The words ultimately point to an ineffable reality and serve as a bridge to walk the analytical mind over the river of uncertainty to the other shore of resting conviction.

Once decided, firmly establish this in your mind. Maybe your Pillar comes from a sacred text or an inspiring poem. If so, make it a ritual to read it every day for some weeks or months until it integrates deep into the center of your heart. Write it down and make it visible to you as much as possible. Contemplate and hold it firmly in your mind whenever you have free time. Become familiar with its vibration, with what it symbolizes in your being, and allow the conviction of it to deepen and grow into a tangible force and presence.

Assert This Pillar Against Current Habits and Behold The Power

All our actions and habits are formed around belief. All of our confidence is affected by thought. Our core beliefs determine our view of ourselves and what we are capable of accomplishing. When our central Pillar is not clear, competing energies and habits easily overpower us. We get muddled, and time passes without engaging in life from our very centers. Without a strong pillar acting as a guiding rudder, we become victims to the mundane, and a subtle anxiety courses through our being, knowing another force other than our Pillar of light has hijacked the helm of the ship of Self-direction.

As the conviction in our Pillar grows, light begins to emanate to all corners of our minds. It acts kind of like the all-seeing Eye of Sauron, except a more benevolent and light-filled version. It allows no negative thought in the middle-earth of our mind to go unnoticed; all the strands of negativity and self-limitation, and their cohorts of constriction and self-censure, are pierced through, and their pettiness is burned away. This process frees up space for thoughts and energies that are actually in accord with our Pillar of Light. The creative Soul that it represents now has access to its power source and finds an enhanced momentum as creative brilliance arises without impediment from our limitless center.

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Organize Values And Life Goals Around The Pillar

A Pillar of Light in our mind as powerful as infinity that pierces through all limitation becomes a rallying cry for all other ambitions and higher values. When an unshakable conviction in our true nature burns bright within, every other aim and healthy desire easily finds enduring support. When the central conviction of our peerless central core is firm, then changing a habit becomes easy, living by our higher values finds support, and our biggest goals become more attainable. That one sabotaging thought that says to give up early, not do those extra pushups, to give in to anger and impatience, are easily swept aside by the Pillars superiority and instead replaced with a brazenly confident certitude of internal control.

An overarching and powerful belief erodes the subconscious blocks that prevent us from following our dreams and marooning us on an island of learned helplessness. We all hesitate in nearly every area of our life, fearing rejection from others or projecting a doomed failure; we endlessly sabotage our efforts before even starting. While this type of sabotage is quite common, the hesitation only wins and has true power when we believe in it more than our central Pillar. A Pillar that is as shining as the Sun automatically supports all other dreams and worldly goals, whatever they may be, and has the power and authority to disarm detrimental doubts.

If Your Not Showing Up With Joy, Your Pillar Might Be Weak

With an unshakable Pillar of Light, there is no room for playing small. The elixir of life infuses your actions, and there is an unshakable trust in your ultimate victory, even if it doesn’t look exactly like your imagination. A bliss-filled joy wells up and enhances all of our actions, and hesitation becomes a thing of the past.

The more we sink in, trust and move from our Pillar of Light, the more we see its results. Our innermost being becomes united with our outer expression, and life becomes a melodious flow of sharing the nectar of our Soul with the world. The Pillar represents ultimate victory over all forces of darkness and reorganizes our subconscious mind at the deepest level, effortlessly re-calibrating all of our other errant thoughts. Both the depth of being and light of existence become simultaneously infused with a sense of Joy and Love.

Sages across the ages assert that the reality upholding the world is nothing but a mass of bliss and eternal love. When the roots of our Pillar run deep enough, the sweetness of this transcendent reality draws us upwards, the delight of existence permeates our beings, and our actions are aflush with the radiant expression of inner joy.

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John Vincent Shrader

John is a yogi, visionary and author residing in India. He has dedicated his life to the eternal search for truth .