Rise Above the Cloud of Cynicism and Reclaim Your Soul’s Mission

We live in a world poisoned by cynicism.

Dark humor and sardonic remarks can seem to be the currency of common conversation.

There was a crossroads in life when we lost our childlike purity and became jaded by the world. Positive, genuine hope, and good will went out of fad. Our MO, whether conscious or not, became skeptical, reserved, our minds forbade enthusiasm.

I know on more than one occasion I went to a meeting or spoke with a friend with beaming enthusiasm. It didn’t translate, but instead, got absorbed by the quite quicksand of negativity. Even if the negativity wasn’t overt, it was there, like a looming thundercloud on the horizon that blocked the dancing rays of the sun. Suddenly, my positivity felt pointless, bland, even boring in their presence. And in an instant, I sank. Into meeting them where they were at. Acquiescing to a more timid and reserved style of conversation. I get it, sometimes positivity can be annoying, and who was I to be a beam of sunshine.

We feel this all too often. The subtle pressures of social conformity are powerful signals that keep us from owning our inner-most trust in the positive side of life. Positivity can seem cheap and shallow compared to the obvious gravity of our personal suffering.

The world is going through dark times, no doubt, and there are innumerable challenges we all face. But it is our Souls job to be positive. I don’t mean this in a cliche, new-age way. But as an expression of the deepest metaphysical truth. An expression of the underlying reality of our lives. An expression of a more real dimension of us than our superficial minds.

Our Soul(And by the way, names don’t matter. I’m simply referring to that deeper mind in us that is prior to the conditioning of the world) is a luminous and shining force of brilliance and hope. It is the undying aspect of our innermost hearts that is immune to the jadedness of the world.

When we can lean into living from this place, we light our selves up. We don’t have to broadcast it to the world and it can exists as a quiet inner knowing; a soft smile, or a humble reserve. Regardless, this is the stuff that wants to interact and show up in the world.

Positivity assailants are ever on the prowl though. Negativity creeps up on is in the most surreptitious of ways. A bad breakup or a traumatic parent. A group of friends, or an inner voice that has been building for years. Intent on asserting its own version of reality and sabotaging the inner light.

Whatever the cause, it brings us suffering. It dulls our spirit, steals our energy, sabotages intimacy and kills our biggest dreams.

It’s deepest sin though, is preventing us from doing the divine work we came on this earth to fulfill.

The Soul, being the intelligent life-force that lies deep within our hearts, is the one Authority that has not been tainted by the world. As many positive things that exists in the world, it is rare to have a clear and convincing guidepost constantly nudging us towards our deepest contribution. Inspiration abounds, and there are innumerable avenues to display our Highest Self. Yet, in equal amounts, negativity and cynicism abound and drown out our conviction with compromise.

They serve as a rusty barbed-wire fence our Soul has to cross over to escape the prison cell of smallness. And it occurs at every stage. Every time we seek to grow, to create from our hearts, to make a bold decision, to believe in our selves or to progress spirituality the sentinels of fear and doubt arise with machine guns of malignant thoughts to shoot you down.

The thoughts feel like lead-pointed bullets penetrating into our hearts. More often than not, we assume dead and revert back to playing small.

Wisdom traditions can lend a hand here by reminding us that thoughts have no real nature. They point to and elucidate a mental state of being, but are ultimately of a transient nature. We can use language to pump us up, lift our spirits, refine our understanding of the world and crawl out of the negativity cage we have constructed around us. But, we can also see words — especially those experienced as passing thoughts — are fundamentally unreal; mere cognitive phenomena sliding through the sky of our unlimited hearts.

When we begin to discern this light within that remains unperturbed by the words in our head we begin to tune into a steadiness beyond the mind.

Suddenly, those deadly missiles of self-sabotage go right through us and we realize that our true essence remains unscathed. We can continue our journey to the expression of that unshakeable source within, and reign victorious over our own cynicism.

The beauty of the Soul is that it wants to contribute to the world.

Sure, there are some negative lessons that it might need to learn and experience. But usually these only exists to teach a lesson of what not to do. To pay off some karmic debt. Any perceived ‘negativity’ in life is for learning purposes and only pushes us to see more value and perfection in the intrinsic nature of life.

Identify that within you that recognizes the unshakeable positivity of the ground of your being.

What does it want to share?

What does it want to contribute?

Who does it want to be?

Urgency is there. The world is ruled by the cynical. Cynicism sells and goes viral. Our lives are shaped by the outflow of cynical people who have power, money and influence; creating the structures and media empires that mold our human experience.

Your soul force wants to fight against that in its own way. To create a new way and forge its own path.

The earth is waiting for an army of soul inspired creators and visionaries to change the world.

Soul-Soldiers immediately recognize each other because the Soul that has come aflame recognizes it is beyond the Ego, and it shares the same ground, the same mission as other Souls who have woken to their Purpose. An alliance is immediate.

Allow then, that positive movement in your heart to stir awake.

Shake off the shackles of sabotage and doubt.

Resurrect your native brilliance.

Trust your deepest inner voice and RISE UP.



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