We Are Craving To Create Something New

John Vincent Shrader
7 min readSep 17, 2022

Not just an iteration of the old, but something entirely new

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We are building something new.

Something completely new.

Never before seen or heard of on the planet.

It is massive, and it is terrifying.

We Have A Massive Hidden Power At Our Disposal

We are full of infinite power and possibility, but we live in poverty. For thousands of years, we have been graced with the most profound teachings the world has ever seen. And yet, we can’t begin to comprehend the power within them.

I met a Kundalini Yoga teacher in Japan when I was living there back in 2012. For those who don’t know, kundalini refers to the latent energy stored in our pelvic floor. In layman’s terms, it is the sexual energy. However, in yogic traditions, this energy houses profound intelligence and mostly sleeps in our pelvis. It is thought of psycho-spiritual energy that can be raised to ‘higher centers’ of awareness to help propel our evolutionary process.

Many geniuses naturally tap into this energy and use it to fuel paradigm-shifting creative insights. However, it has to travel through several gates before the kundalini can fully activate its potential.

The Kundalini teacher above said that his daughter had a kundalini awakening — this refers to the energy all of the sudden rising powerfully up the spine, through the body and reaching the higher energy centres — and that she was in shambles because of all that it brought up.

This is the point I want to focus on in this article. She was in chaos because it brought up all of her subconscious awareness and the contents therein.

The Subconciousness is a Formidable Force

Though we rarely recognize it, imprints, downloads and impressions from society permeate our entire psyche. Our brain has 1 trillion cells and 100 billion neurons and makes between 5 and 50 new connections in any given second. This brain action translates into us interpreting, digesting, and assimilating the world around us anywhere between 400 and 4000 times per minute. Every movie we’ve ever watched, every song we’ve ever listened to, every experience since birth, all of the media we’ve consumed, and every emotional impression all get stored in our subconscious and form the ‘world’ that we inhabit and experience.

When the kundalini awakens, it brings light to all of this content. It is an unimaginable force with profound power and it is like an earthquake in our system when it awakens.

Yogi and Author Gopi Krishna described his own kundalini arousal with these words:

“Little did I realize that from that day onwards I was never to be my old normal self again, that I had unwittingly and without preparation or even adequate knowledge of it roused to activity the most wonderful and stern power in man, that I had stepped unknowingly upon the key to the most guarded secret of the ancients, and that thenceforth for a long time I had to live suspended by a thread, swinging between life on the one hand and death on the other, between sanity and insanity, between light and darkness, between heaven and earth.”

Rarely are we aware of just how much of this accumulated subconscious content shapes our whole reality. Every thought, impulse, and inspiration is cross-checked against this latticework of the world. Every moral imprint and idea of right and wrong, what is valuable and noble and worthy, are all formed from this influx of information. We sort it according to the society around us and find our way in the world, striving to fit in and be a part of something bigger.

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Rise Above Your Mind to Rise Above the World

What we rarely realize is how constricted we are. Of course, we all know that we are operating below our potential. With a governer on our soul and an arbitrary speed limit to how much we can live. We’re terrified of the power we possess and, frankly, have no idea how to use it.

When this latticework of consensus reality starts to dissolve, we see the futility of most modern life. The rat race we all know, and sometimes rage against still has us in our subconscious prisons. No matter what we do, the python of precedence wraps around our throats and checks us before we speak our truth, engage in a project, and try to create something phenomenally new.

And yet, our souls are aching for this. Our soul essence, the primordial wisdom in our heart, is an essence that existed before we came onto this earth, before we were infiltrated with all of the content that we, sometimes actively but mostly passively, consumed.

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Sometimes when I’m deep in meditation or breathing practice, I can hear and feel the hum of thoughts swarming around me like a colony of bees. Then, I break through, and — especially during intense yoga or breathing practices — there is a point where I feel I might faint. Everything pulses around me, and I’m delivered to a state of new calibration. I realize, very palpably, very tangibly, that all the thoughts in my head are energetic manifestations of those around me. Loved ones, mentors, past teachers, society at large, people I’m going to meet soon or have met recently and all project — unknowingly, of course — thoughts that latch on to my own latticework of mental energy. It is like creating an invisible barrier within my soul of what is right and wrong, and against this, I cross-check my own thoughts, feelings and inclinations. Would it be approved or not?

And look, I’m quite a rebel and have always struck my own path. I don’t give excessive attention to what others think. You may be thinking the same way. However, deep down, silently, subtlety, the operation of thought itself is a binding agent in our lives.

Make Your Creation an Extenstion of the Universal Mind

When we break free, we realize we are utterly alone in some strange space of expanse and possibly. But, at the same time, we feel entirely naked and lost, disoriented by the lack of reference points. The signs are gone. The trail is gone. Suddenly, we are alone in the middle of the forest and wonder how we got there.

It is terrifying. After death, being alone is said to be our second greatest fear. It is frightening, no doubt. Will anyone ever love us? Will anyone ever understand us?

When we tap into these states, though, we realize unequivocally that there is a superior nature to these states. We feel freer. More empowered, more independent. And then we realize that the world is still there. Our loved ones are still there. We have to relate to them differently, but everything is just as it was. We are peacefully arising in the universe of oneness.

It’s from this place though, this place of solitude, of self-actualized potential, that we create a new reality. It is fearless and bold, and visionary and wants to have fun making something entirely new.

But it is being strangled by the old.

The earth is being strangled by the old.

The systems predominating the earth aren’t working. We all know something is wrong, something is off, and something has to change. But are at a loss of how to move foreword.

The answer is up.

Up first.

Higher vibration.

More clarity.

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Gain an altitude above the noise in your mind, which is ultimately an extension of the noise of the world. And we can all admit it. It’s a noisy place.

Until we reach this new altitude and clarity, whatever we create will be tinged with the old — recycled patterns of stale subconscious content. While I feel every act of creation is powerful and beneficial, those who have risen above the noise of their minds will have more to offer to create a new world.

Their insights are fresh.



Untouched by the old systems and old conceptual ways of thinking.

We’ll rebuild and find each other from this place all over again, in fascinating new upgrades and as re-orchestrated beings.

So, keep going. But do rise. Rise higher than you’ve been before.

Transcend your fears. Slice through the mental noise and stabilize in your inner silence and knowing.

Here, it is always fresh, continually renewing.

Here, the creative impulse of the universe itself reminds you that it and you are ever-expanding.



John Vincent Shrader

John is a yogi, visionary and author residing in India. He has dedicated his life to the eternal search for truth .